Florian Brandt

“Looking behind the curtains and telling stories have always been my passion.”

Growing up in Salzburg and the nearby Lake District (Salzkammergut) I have always loved discovering the exciting, sometimes hidden, stories behind even the most modest of locations. I receive great pleasure in sharing this “ancillary knowledge” and folklore with others to this day. Leading tours is my way of sharing the many stories I have compiled in my studies of Vienna and Austria in general.

At the age 19 I left Salzburg for Vienna. In a short time I felt at home in the historical city. The colloquial language and the gruff charm of its people intrigued me immediately. I was drawn to questions regarding the way Viennese lifestyle and culture affected the Art and Architecture throughout history. The more I studied and reflected I began to understand Vienna better and, in fact, understand my life in Vienna better as well.

Here in Vienna people with different backgrounds, ethnicities and religions get along together and form a rich, varied cityscape.  The interconnectivity of this city and its people has, over time, had great influence to the lifestyle of its inhabitants. There are many visible attributes of this Viennese life waiting for one to explore.  With my tours we can explore everything from local cooking to coffee house culture; museums to palaces; the colorful Naschmarkt to the snow covered Christmas market, all like a gigantic library, waiting for one to select the first book.

I add to my Viennese city life experience 25 years in the Film Industry as a line producer and researcher, primarily for documentaries, in Austria and points around the world. My travels have taught me that it is always more interesting to look a step further, to dive a little deeper, in order to find the items of real interest.  My tours will aid you in understanding the relationship between life and living in Vienna to the Architecture and Art created at that time.

Regardless of the style, be it baroque, rococo or contemporary modern, there is always a backstory. I hope to bring those stories to your attention by sharing what the architects and artists were thinking during those creative moments.  Some of these stories are so emotional and overwhelming and even touching myself so strongly, that I am almost forced by them to share these emotions with you during a tour.

It is exiting to be of service as a Tourist Guide and bring my unique style of storytelling to an interested audience. To all the years of experience I dedicated myself into the official studying’s and the tough exams by official orders to be officially allowed to do this work, that is much more for me than just a “job”. I am thrilled to have a company dedicated to sharing and learning with visitors from around the world.

I look forward to meeting you, your colleagues and your families while spending some time in the city that I love and from which I have learned so much.

I hope to see you on one of my tours soon.

With warmest regards