The magic of the Imperial city

Short and long city walks in Vienna

“Creative and entertaining. The most colorful guide!!”

Raquel aus Murcia, Spanien

“What an extraordinary experience! I loved to discover the city through the eyes of a filmmaker. Florian proved to be a truly amazing storyteller, entertainer and an incredibly knowledgeable tour guide. I gained a completely new perspective on this lovely city I was  raised in. I definitely recommend to locals and visitors alike.”

Jana aus Wien

“Absolutely amazing tour with a lot of insider knowledge about movies and old historical buildings! Very friendly guide who answers all of your questions. I would recommend this tour to everybody who wants to get to know Vienna in a different way and learn a lot about it‘s history!”

Saskia aus Berlin

“Interesting, funny and worthwhile. Will definitely do another tour with Florian.”

Antonia aus Frankfurt

“Very interesting and lots of insider info. Florian is a very nice Tour Guide with profound knowledge of Vienna and its history. Would definitely recommend his tours”

Bernhard aus London

“One can really see that you love your city!”

Tamara aus Neuseeland

“Very refreshing stories about the locations. Thank you Florian for these exciting  tour.”

Sylvia aus Wien

“Very interesting and humorous tour! Definitely a highlight for city-interested people – even if it’s your own! Florian was a witty and knowing guide as he comes from the film industry. I can recommend this tour to anyone who wants to discover Vienna differently!”

Boris aus Wien

I could never ever imagine that history could be so interesting and full of suspense!

Maxim Ukraine

The obvious and more
Getting a good overview about historic Vienna and the visit of its highlights, such as the state opera, the imperial court Hofburg, St Stephens Cathedral, or the plague column, are a matter of course to me.

Throughout my special way of seeing things, this tour will become an interesting and diverting experience. Aside of dates and facts, I will relate fascinating knowledge of background and dive with you into the enchantment of this city of emperors. I will show you Vienna’s charming singularities, curious anecdotes will not only bring you a smile, you will understand and keep Vienna and its life better and maybe forever, in your minds.

Backgrounds, even the Viennese rarely know
Even if you grew up in Vienna, you will be recounting many things that were new to you and see this wonderful city through different eyes than before.

If you got curious by now, just do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I will happily answer all your questions.

Long City Cult Tour

Duration about 3 hours

Costs € 250,- per group with max. 15 participants

 Every aditional person  € 10.-

Short City Cult Tour (Stadtrundgang exklusive Mittelalter)

Duration about 2 hours

Costs € 180,- per group with max. 15 participants

 Every aditional person € 10.-

This tour is scheduled on an ongoing basis as needed. Please tell me your appointment options in the form below. I will contact you as soon as a tour date is fixed.


Aktion im Mai 2020
auch als Muttertagsgeschenk!
Wien ganz „ohne“.
Endlich einmal nur für „uns“!

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